8 things you should know about feedback kiosks

1. They’re free standing

Is that really a big deal? Well it means you have flexibility to place them where they will best serve your requirements. It means they're quick and easy to implement which saves time and money.

(Wall and counter top versions are available too!)

2. They’re self contained

Feedback is no longer an add-on or an after thought for most organisations, however people don't want hassle or disruption to their strategies. Our feedback kiosks are delivered plug and play ready. They are remotely fully managed and supported. They are 3G with wifi option. They power up automatically and the screen is securely 'locked down' so it is only a feedback device and no other applications can be interfered with.

We make feedback easy for our customers.

3. We provide portable options

We have portable Kiosks so you can test out different locations and try various placements.

Short term projects or sharing devices with other departments improves the value to your organisation. Many customers use our feedback kiosks for customer feedback and employee engagement. Our software enable you to run multiple surveys.

4. They capture opinions just after an experience - so it's really accurate

There is science behind this, but it also just makes sense - whilst you're in an environment with the feelings, thoughts, smells, and fresh experience all around you, what better place to capture your feedback.

Gartner research states that "feedback captured in the moment is up to 40% more accurate than feedback captured just 24 hours later."

5. They can be mains or battery powered

Screens do need power and usually that's not an issue. Where mains power is not available we provide switchable battery options.

6. They’re touch screen – both reliable and intuitive!

The screen can be designed to suit your needs and reflect your brand. Smileys, stars, numbers, letters, your own images... Choose how many answer options you want, the style of question and the interactive on-screen keyboard makes free text comments easy to capture too.

7. Rental options up to 36 months

Feedback isn't a short term solution, it will drip insight in to your organisation day after day, year after year. And the brilliance of kiosks is that they need very minimal maintenance, no staff input and the data just keeps on coming.

8. They can be branded to look as you wish– choose ours or design your own

Making feedback easy and highly visible for your customers, visitors or employees shows them you care.

A great looking kiosk is eye catching and intriguing - just what you need to get the feedback flowing. It's shown that people enjoy letting you know what they think, good, bad or indifferent. Great branding, clear messaging - both on screen and on the kiosk itself, works really well.

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