Myths about feedback to forget in 2018

There are many misconceptions about feedback. Here we tackle some of the common ones and explain why you should revisit your feedback plans.


Myth - No one wants to respond to surveys.

Reality – In our experience, everybody wants to be listened to and given the opportunity most people will give a constructive opinion. We have had impressive results from customersemployees, patients, students and delegates at events leaving in the moment feedback through touchscreen kiosks. Problems can arise when your audience feel their views are not being listened to, and they then stop responding to your requests for feedback. We recommend customers evidence their listening, often with "you said we did" boards, highlighting previous results and the changes that have taken place, to encourage more feedback.


#2-tell-us-were-wrong.gifMyth – Feedback is only going to tell us what we are doing wrong.

Reality – rarely so. We find customers are just as likely to respond with positive comments as they are problems. Positive feedback can be used to reward departments and understand what works well. Negative feedback used well, however, can help to improve the customer experience and cause less friction in the customer environment.




Myth – People will hit the middle face all the time.

Reality – our stats evidence otherwise!  Let us assure you, most customers will consider their smiley face response before selecting an answer. However, the survey must be relevant to maintain the engagement and only contain as many questions as suitable for the situation. How many? Well that can vary from situation to situation. We recommend between 1 and 5 - although there are times, for example in some healthcare settings, when more is OK.

Smiley faces for surveys.png


Myth – Quick tap feedback will not give me any meaningful results.

#4-quick-tap-feedback.gifReality – whilst in-depth focus interviews getting to the heart of matters with customer can deliver rich insights into that customer's mind, the opportunities to do this are often few and far between. Quick tap feedback is constant and all inclusive. From time poor customers, 1st time customers, young, old, speaking any language, kiosks can capture views from a wide range of customer. All this feedback then provides a pulse of feeling flowing in to the business so that you can track the peaks and troughs. And using one or two follow-on questions enables you to drill down in to the sentiment of the feedback in order to highlight common areas of concern. Some issues you will be able to resolve quickly, others will need further research.


Myth – People / kids will mess around making the results meaningless.#5-kids-messing-around.gif

Reality – we can stop that! OK, so we can not stop people sending nonsense replies but we can filter your responses so that you only see the ones you want. How? Our Valid8TM software uses a range of complex algorithms, such as speed of response, to select the responses that are suspicious and put those in to quarantine. These are not deleted so you can view them if you like, but they will not skew your overall results.

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