Continuous Customer Feedback and Follow up is Essential

Gartner have identified the top 10 habits of customer-centric organisations and you can listen here:

The first 2 habits are all about listening to customers and giving them feedback to show that we really are listening. This idea of continuous customer feedback and continuous feedback to customers is not new, but it is vitally important. We all want to know we’re being listened to and as Gartner go on to say, we want to know why the feedback is being asked for and how it’s going to be used.

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What to ask and when for good quality Event Feedback

Event feedback and surveys that are designed to capture delegate responses 'in-the-moment' are the best way to get great value, in terms of both quantity and quality of feedback – two major considerations for any feedback programme.

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Why point of experience feedback delivers results

In our busy world, where our time is so under pressure, we guard ourselves against anything that might add more to the workload, and that includes giving feedback!

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Get the answers to your questions thanks to feedback

If you could find the answer to one question what would that question be?

Apart from the big questions such as ‘why are we here?’ or ‘what are tonight’s lottery numbers!?’ I wonder what you would like to know for your business? If you could get insights in to the niggling questions that might hold the keys to business growth, better outcomes, more loyal customers - WHAT QUESTION WOULD YOU ASK? 

Feedback provides the answers to the many questions we have and when done well will provide the data and insight we need to make the right changes.

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8 things you should know about feedback kiosks

1. They’re free standing

Is that really a big deal? Well it means you have flexibility to place them where they will best serve your requirements. It means they're quick and easy to implement which saves time and money.

(Wall and counter top versions are available too!)

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Why bother investing in customer feedback solutions?

According to a report from American Express, three in five Americans (59%) would try a new brand or company for a better service experience. This reflects an emerging global trend.

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Myths about feedback to forget in 2018

There are many misconceptions about feedback. Here we tackle some of the common ones and explain why you should revisit your feedback plans.

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Fly Fishing in the Big Data Lake

4 minute read

It’s thought that the term ‘Big Data’ was first used at the end of the 1980s but the last few years has seen a rise in an additional phrase: ‘Data Lakes’ - large scale repositories of data held in their raw or source form. I suspect that the reason data lakes have become so popular is because the cost of storage and the tools necessary to manipulate Big Data has decreased dramatically. That doesn’t mean to say that they haven’t introduced a whole new set of challenges and pitfalls as well.

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Why you should get started in measuring customer feedback

 2 minute read

We all need feedback. From healthy infant development, through school and college and into our work-life, getting constructive feedback is essential. So why isn’t the same said for customer feedback?

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Is your survey design holding back your customers' feedback?

3 minute read

It’s a known issue and the bugbear of many a CX or Insight professional. Businesses value feedback; it helps attract and retain both customers and employees alike. But as customers, or feedback givers, we become less interested. Typical sentiments along the lines of, “I’ve got what I need,” “sorry, no time!” or “I don’t believe my opinion will make a difference” all yield the same result – we don’t bother giving feedback. In short, businesses care about feedback, customers don’t. 

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