8 things you should know about feedback kiosks

1. They’re free standing

Is that really a big deal? Well it means you have flexibility to place them where they will best serve your requirements. It means they're quick and easy to implement which saves time and money.

(Wall and counter top versions are available too!)

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Myths about feedback to forget in 2018

There are many misconceptions about feedback. Here we tackle some of the common ones and explain why you should revisit your feedback plans.

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7 suggestions for places you could use touchscreen feedback.

4 minute read

The use of touch screens for feedback, often called kiosks, totems or terminals, is on the increase. Only 10 years ago people would gingerly touch the screen and wonder if it would actually work! Now we are seeing the ‘self-service kiosk’ being used constantly in many retail, health and commercial settings.


Here are 7 places that touchscreen feedback works well:

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