Get the answers to your questions thanks to feedback

If you could find the answer to one question what would that question be?

Apart from the big questions such as ‘why are we here?’ or ‘what are tonight’s lottery numbers!?’ I wonder what you would like to know for your business? If you could get insights in to the niggling questions that might hold the keys to business growth, better outcomes, more loyal customers - WHAT QUESTION WOULD YOU ASK? 

Feedback provides the answers to the many questions we have and when done well will provide the data and insight we need to make the right changes.

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When Smiley Face Surveys and Feedback really works

4 minute read

It's a busy world and time is precious. We guard ourselves against anything that might add more to the workload and that includes giving feedback.

That's one reason why using smiley faces in feedback is effective - it's just so quick and easy for anyone to respond.

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