Why you should get started in measuring customer feedback

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We all need feedback. From healthy infant development, through school and college and into our work-life, getting constructive feedback is essential. So why isn’t the same said for customer feedback?

There are a number of reasons why gaining customer feedback is becoming essential.

Many organisations still don’t do any kind of surveys or feedback, but in most cases this is ill advised. Embracing customer (also patient, visitor, student…) feedback with a positive attitude is a hallmark of a successful organisation – it’s how we learn, change and improve!

Measuring customer feedback provides the following benefits:

  1. It demonstrates you are listening to your customers
  2. It provides insight and knowledge into what your customers think about your organisation
  3. The insight and knowledge enables appropriate actions and responses, which customers love to see
  4. Done well it will help keep you ahead of your competition
  5. Done well it will help you to sell more, have less complaints, increase returning customers and increase customer loyalty


Simply Ticking the Box

Some organisations fall into the trap of believing that ‘the appearance’ of doing surveys is enough. Maybe like me you’ve had the experience of completing a survey in which you made a complaint and left your contact details, only to hear absolutely nothing back. This is worse than never having asked for the feedback in the first place. I still remember the brand and I no longer buy from them. It’s that simple.

So ‘the measuring’ of customer feedback is to ensure that you’re doing something with it.

In summary; Demonstrate you’re listening, gain the insight, plan to use the data, keep ahead of your competition, sell more, reduce complaints and build customer loyalty.

Why wouldn’t you?


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