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    An Employee Approach To Quality Improvement

    ViewPoint worked with a busy acute elderly care ward at Mid Yorks Hospitals, to deliver a patient focused quality improvement programme.

    The Elderly Care teams were experiencing issues attracting new staff to their wards and also retaining their current staff. The focused bundle of change delivered by ViewPoint sought to increase staff morale, whilst better allocating the resources available to provide safe staffing ratios across the ward.

    The nursing staff at Mid-Yorks had great insight into the challenges they faced. A workshop to evaluate their feedback led to an improvement project that delivered the following operational changes:

    • A positive atmosphere in which patients and staff felt secure
    • Improved morale and job satisfaction
    • Better integration and communications between teams
    • A framework for continuous improvement

    Reduce employee churn

    Giving staff an opportunity to shape the solutions to their problems led to an increase in satisfaction and morale. Claire Boothroyd noted “The difference has been amazing. The atmosphere has changed, and is commented on by regular visitors to the ward.”

    Happy staff equal staff that are likely to stick around. Consider the cost of recruitment and training coupled with the amount of time it takes for a new staff member to become truly effective in their role and the importance of reducing staff churn becomes clear.

    Better employee satisfaction

    The changes were adopted as part of everyday working practice. The project has had a lasting impact making the ward a better, safer and happier place to be for staff and patients.

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    Written by Claire Moseley

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