Feedback taking shape at everyone active

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Over 250,000 customer surveys completed

Benchmarking service levels across sites nationwide

Live alerts notify teams of issues before they escalate

Everyone Active wanted to understand its customers better and improve member and visitor satisfaction levels.

A key objective was to obtain and keep Quest registration across all of their sites. Feedback from both customers and staff was therefore crucial to supporting their overall strategy and required a fresh approach.

Their traditional paper based surveys mainly tended to attract the views of Mr. and Mrs. Angry at the extreme end of the scale. As well as the low response volume, manual processing was time consuming. Online surveys sent via e-mail were more successful, but with survey fatigue affecting response numbers and quality, a fresh approach was needed.

Everyone Active adopted our ViewPoint Multi-channel customer feedback system.

The customised solution includes interactive feedback kiosks which gain in-the-moment responses from each centre. Real-time dashboard reporting and the full support of our customer experience experts give their management teams visibility of customer comments and satisfaction levels. They also have the ability to drill down into the detail of problem areas, and to compare and contrast the performance of their sites.

Customer insight and knowledge gained through real time data analysis and reporting.


  • Branded touchscreen kiosks provide interactive feedback surveys which encourages member and visitor engagement. 
  • Highly targeted Online Surveys for addressing specific areas.
  • Real-time handling of compliments and complaints, which enables management to react quickly in both rewarding staff and improving service.
  • Broad and statistically relevant member feedback is informing management of strategic HQ and local leisure centre service improvements.



Speedy problem resolution thanks to touch screen customer feedback kiosks providing live data and giving management notice to act on problems before they escalate


ViewPoint has been key to innovation and change

ViewPoint provide regular detailed deep feedback analysis reports which feed into SLM's strategic planning and Management Action Plans. Everyone Active now makes decisions from an informed basis, applying the facts derived from the data analysis.  

Customers can see the results of their feedback in the Manager Action Plan, which in turn improves response levels. A simple example concerning feedback at Parkside Pools highlighted a drop in customer satisfaction at specific times of the day. Management responded to this by reviewing the cleaning team shifts and adjusting daily schedules, resulting in an increase in member satisfaction as a direct result.

Ben Beevers, Group Customer Services Manager

"ViewPoint gives us the ability to gain feedback from all our customers and very quickly review the data. It puts our customers at the heart of the decision making process."  

Performance indicators

  • High response rates - with over 250,000 completed customer surveys a year
  • Benchmarking of sites - direct and ongoing comparison of site performance, promoting best practice
  • User friendly and engaging - customers and visitors enjoy leaving feedback. ViewPoint is interactive and fun.