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    Waitrose takes a fresh approach to customer engagement with CRT

    Waitrose captures customer feedback in real-time with CRT's technology   

    survey app customer experience feedbackThe convenience arm of the John Lewis group; little Waitrose, is working with research specialist CRT ViewPoint to engage with its customers in-store, at the point of experience.   

    In common with many retailers, Waitrose already encourages feedback via online surveys but recognised it needed to do something different in its drive to achieve a constant flow of high quality customer insight. 
    Waitrose initially piloted ViewPoint’s point-of-experience survey software, in a small number of little Waitrose convenience stores. With response quality high and response volumes averaging over 700 a week per store, the managed pilot exceeded expectations. Branded touchscreens displaying an interactive survey are now positioned after the till points, inviting customers to rate such aspects as staff friendliness, product availability and store condition.
    ViewPoint’s advanced reporting capabilities – including verbatim comment analysis - are giving the retailer an unprecedented view into the hearts and minds of its customers.

    Fast in-store customer feedback 

    The survey was designed for speed of completion and routes customers to different questions depending on how they rate their overall satisfaction.  The questionnaire includes an on-screen key board for customers to leave comments. It is this insight that is proving to be particularly valuable. 
    ViewPoint’s automated survey analysis and reporting technology relays the results to Waitrose in the form of powerful interactive reports.  Store managers are supplied with local level, actionable information whilst Waitrose’s HQ has a holistic view of branch performance. 
    Making sense of thousands of customer comments a week is a key part of the piece. ViewPoint’s sentiment analysis categorises the feedback and identifies trends and patterns within both customer demographics and store locations.

    Customer Experience: from good to great 

    One interesting observation is that suggestions for improvement don’t stem purely from the detractors. Those who rate the brand highly give constructive feedback which is resulting in operational changes.  For example, customers reported some product lines that were no longer stocked, but in demand. The information was relayed to the supply chain, resulting in fewer lost sales.  
    Richard Quarterman, Waitrose’s Service Innovation Manager commented: “As the survey is quick and easy to use we have significantly increased the number of customers responding to us. As it provides real-time feedback, we can start to track customer responses across different times of the day and days of the week, giving our operational management teams’ valuable insight into store performance within a clear frame of reference.”
    Simon Rowland, CRT’s CEO added: “An increasing number of retailers are waking up to the fact that online surveys – whilst they have their value – are not sufficient in themselves to generate high volume, quality customer insight.  Other engagement channels will allow more customers voices to be heard.  Retailers who miss this opportunity to listen will also be missing a trick.”

    About ViewPoint

    ViewPoint leads innovation in the arena of in-the-moment customer surveys, analysis and reporting. The company delivers systems that keep pace with rapidly changing technologies and reflect advanced thinking in customer research. Full-service solutions are helping leading brands to engage with their customers and non-buyers, utilising the feedback to enhance customer satisfaction, build loyalty and increase sales.

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